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Unsigned Only Music Competition

We are proud to say that we are finalists in the rock category in Unsigned Only ‘s 2021 Music Competition! It is a complete honor to be named a finalist, as over 7000 bands/artists from around the world entered the competition in various categories, and the impressive list of judges including music celebrities like Chris Daughtry, Robert Smith from The Cure, and industry executives from Talent buyers to editors of Rolling Stone and Guitar World (and so many others) will be listening to our material and making a final judgment on category winners and the over winner.

The even better news is that you have a say in the fan vote portion, Fandemonium! You can vote for us once daily just by following the attachment

The support from everyone in general, and especially for our most popular release “Stranger” has been unimaginable over the last couple years, and we cannot thank you enough!

Keep rockin, and we hope to see you all again soon! -Ben, David G, Mike, David D


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