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Meet The Band

David started learning music in 5th grade with guitar, trumpet and trombone. He began writing music with friends in 2011 and formed his first band in 2012. He started learning how to record music in 2014. In 2017, he co-founded Silent Hearts and graduated with a bachelors degree in chemical engineering from the University of Toledo that same year. He also holds an MBA in operations management. Outside of the band, he is  a Quality Supervisor at Ardagh Group, and assistant manager at Village Pro Hardware. He also enjoys riding his Harley and brewing his own beer.

Mike has been playing music for most of his life, and has been performing in things like talent shows since the age of 4. he is a multi-instrumentalist and has held many positions in several bands throughout his life, including some nationally touring acts. He co-founded Silent Hearts in 2017. Outside of the band, he currently performs a solo acoustic loop show and has a professional studio, where does production and engineering for clients and self-production for his solo project. He also co-owns a Mexican restaurant in Put-in-Bay, Ohio named Taco Bay with Ben. 

Ben has always been fascinated by music, and has been performing in various disciplines since childhood. He Co-founded the band in 2017 with David G and Mike. He holds a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toledo. Outside of the band, he is currently employed as a manager at Sofidel, a paper manufacturer, and also co-owns a Mexican restaurant, Taco Bay, with Mike. His other interests include listening to music, traveling, sports, and classic cars. 

David has been playing stringed instruments for more than half his life, and has recently picked up percussion. After falling in love with the low end after seeing a Rush concert as a teenager, electric bass has been his main instrument since. He also hosts a music podcast,  has a DJ service and is a writer for Bass Gear Magazine. He holds an MBA with concentration in marketing from Tiffin University.  His other Interests are  helping with the annual Midwest Rhythm Summit (educational music event held in Fremont, Ohio), Gaming, Animals, and attending  business/music-related webinars and events.


David Gast



Mike Drum



Ben Pusateri

Lead Vocals


David Dixon


Short Bio

Silent Hearts, the heavy rock/post-hardcore outfit hailing from Marblehead, Ohio was officially founded in January of 2017. Collectively, the members that comprise Silent Hearts have decades of experience in the aspects of music business, performance, and production.


From driving grooves and heavy breakdowns to catchy hooks and upbeat anthems, Silent Hearts has a track to fit nearly any mood. Comprehensively, Silent Hearts intends to be an outlet for people to express their inner feelings. Silent Hearts strives to instill hope for the hopeless, and be a voice for the voiceless. 

Special Thanks

Thank you to all who contribute/have contributed in some way behind the scenes, your contributions are truly appreciated and should not go unnoticed!

Max Klein - Like, pretty much anything and everything

Matt Dalton - Production, etc. - "Love||War"

Nick Sampson - Production, etc. - "Stranger", "Ghost", "Lie to Me"

Andrew Baylis - Production, etc. - "Remember Me"

Rod Pires - Co-write - "Love||War"

John Fleischmann (John Fleischmann Media) - Photography/Cinematography

Andy Glass (Andrew Glass Designs) - Artwork/Design

David Puckett (Hyperculture Marketing Group) - Consultation/Marketing

Samantha Zeiber - Consultation

James Lloyd (Carry The 4) -  Press

Randall Cooper - Road Crew

Devin Holbrook - Road Crew

Our families, friends and significant others


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